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A Peaceful, Yoga Road towards Motherhood

The Most Beautiful Czech Book of the Year 2013 in the area of the pedagogic books (by the Museum of Czech Literature in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture).
Arts Books Wanted 2014 Best Graphic Design 2014 international competition organised by the LIDU Publishing House.

Author: Denisa Šedivá, Prague 2013
Illustrations, graphic design and typesetting: Adam Macháček and Sebastien Bohner (PROLINK NA
Printing: Helbich (Plc)
Photography: Roman Franc
ISBN: 978-80-260-3801-6

380 Kč


The book was conceived out of the personal experience of author. As a pregnant yogin she failed to find a practical, beautiful book on yoga in pregnancy. What bothered her about many books she came across was that they were not user-friendly – one always had to page through the book when doing a specific exercise series, which was an unpleasant distraction. So she developed an original lay-out pattern (now internationally patented) wherein each of the eight series of exercises can be located on just one page. This is possible due to a folding technique that allows sufficient space for all positions in each of the series. The woman can just unfold a full sheet (A2 format) to start and do a session. Importantly, she does not feel pushed to hurry and continue (like with a DVD format) nor does she feel she is being judged/evaluated (like sometimes in a class). The book’s design and tone invites her to feel calm and alone with her book
and her baby.

Denisa Sediva also wanted the book to breathe out beauty and positive vibrations – as she believes that being surrounded by beautiful things adds to the happiness of pregnancy. Thus she teamed with top-notch illustrators and layout designers Adam Macháček and Sebastien Bohner.

The volume is structured into an introduction and eight chapters, each targeting respective body parts. Every chapter contains a sequence of positions illustrated with photographs and a short description of the position and its effects. One can train throughout the full cycle, using all the sequences/chapters, or focus just on selected ones. The illustrative photographs were taken in the sixth to eighth month of the author´s pregnancy. Thus everything in the book is based on the author´s own experience and lessons learned, plus sessions and yoga classes for pregnant women that the author either took or instructed. Indeed, all of it was developed against the backdrop of the author´s meticulous studies of the available literature.

Denisa Šedivá has been devoted to yoga for many years. She gained the instruction licence at Power Yoga Academy in Prague in 2010. In 2011 she extended her licence with instruction of yoga for pregnant women. She has been living in Brussels since 2012 and giving yoga classes again since September 2016.