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ABCZ or All You Need to Know about Czechia and the Czechs

Concept, text and coordination: Denisa Šedivá
Illustrations, graphic design and typesetting: Adam Macháček and Sebastien Bohner, 20YY Designers
Translation: Robert Russell and Ivan Gutierrez
Printing: Quatro Print (Plc)
Publisher: Denisa Šedivá –
ISBN: 978-80-270-5240-0

About the book:

This illustrated alphabet of the Czech Republic ABCZ or All You Need to Know about Czechia and the Czechs takes a broad view of Czech culture, covering topics ranging from gastronomy, geography and history to technology, art and design. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by keywords that are simply explained in an interactive form and accompanied by appealing illustrations. The opening text for each letter provides a light-hearted link between all the following entries, and usually contains a hidden fairy-tale character and a proverb. At the end of each letter you will find a task and song. There are 28 letters and 257 keywords in the book, which may be used in different ways. You can start with the pictures then find and read the corresponding entry, or search for words or a proverb in the lead-in text for each letter then read the full entry below. The English booklet lists keywords in the same Czech alphabetical order, with direct (or descriptive) translations in brackets.

Illustration and Graphic Design:

Adam Macháček (*1980) and Sébastien Bohner (*1975) are graphic designers. In 2004, they co-founded, and since 2011 have been collaborating with Petr Bosák and Robert Jansa as 20YY Designers. Their main fields of interest are book design, publication, visual identity and illustration. They have also worked with the Moravian Gallery in Brno, Théâtre de Vevey, Switzerland (season 2003–2012), SFMOMA, Chronicle Books, Galerie Rudolfinum Prague, National Gallery in Prague, the Museum of Czech Literature, the Brno House of Arts and others. In 2008, the Paris publisher Pyramyd devoted monographs to them in the Designer & Design series. They have received wide recognition for their work, including the TypoDesignClub award and Most Beautiful Czech Book. Adam Machacek was one of three curators of the 26th International Biennale of Graphic Design in Brno, 2014, for which he received the Czech Grand Design award. Since 2011 he has lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sébastien Bohner lives in Lausanne, where he also teaches.


Born in Scotland (* 1949), Robert Russel studied modern languages and linguistics in Cambridge and Edinburgh before spending many years as an English teacher, mostly in Greece and Germany. Shortly after the fall of Communism he moved to Prague, where he devoted himself to teaching, translation, and work for film and theatre. From 2002 to 2018 he taught at the School of Translation Studies, Charles University, Prague. His translations from Czech include film scripts, theatre plays, children’s books, and Miloš Urban’s novel The Seven Churches (Sedmikostelí).
Ivan Gutierrez (* 1967) was born in New York to Colombian parents, lived in Colombia, Mexico, the United States of America and Spain. Now he lives in the Czech Republic. He studied mathematics and philosophy at universities in the United States, Spain and the Czech Republic. He is involved in translating and teaching philosophy at Anglo-American University.